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Oyuncu ve yönetmen Can Ali Çalışandemir, Hizmetçiler oyununda "Hanımefendi" rolünde.

The Maids / Les Bonnes

2018 - 2019 

Premiere December 24, 2018
Our play "Servants", which we staged in the 2018-2019 theater season with the support of second floor, created the idea of the establishment of Proje No2. 

Oyuncu ve yönetmen Can Ali Çalışandemir, Hizmetçiler oyununda "Hanımefendi" rolünde.

Admiration, obedient love and jealousy of their wives; intertwined with their hatred of their own misery. Because they took a weak pleasure in inflicting pain on their wives, they led to the arrest of her husband in an anonymous letter. But the lady's partly sincere and partly contrived sadness,  important is important to them is not an obstacle and girls do not lose anything from their misery. Moreover, their gentleman has also been released on bail, and he will realize that it was his servants who caused his arrest. All these sick thoughts, when combined with a terrifying fear, begin to lose the line between dreams and them, and it goes up to the act of killing games that are not so innocent. When they can't do this, they go back to the lady-maid games again, but this time, the one who will play the lady in the game will really die and save them both from the vicious circle. They turn their games into reality through their “own” selves. 

About the game

Lost in their own "absence" due to the unbearable "presence" of their wives; Two sisters trapped in their imposed class identities...

How far can girls who carry their misery with passion mixed with hatred and fear go to get rid of their loathed selves?

Solange and Claire are sisters who work as maids in a house and live in the attic of the house. When his wife is out, they put on her beautiful clothes and imitate her. This game turns into a deadly ritual over time. Lost in their own "absence" under the unbearable "presence" of their wives; The girls, trapped in their imposed class identities, begin to question their own selves.

Posted by Jean Genet
Translated by Salah Birsel
Directed by: Can Ali Kolaydemir Assistant Director: Saliha Cansu Saka

Supervisor: R. Onur Duru

Light Design: Yuksel Aymaz
Music: Berkay Yiğitaslan
Concept Design: Çiğdem Yıldız
Cast: Çiğdem Yıldız, Saliha Cansu Saka, Can Ali Employeedemir
Stage Photos: Bilal Bulut
Poster Photo: Guvenc Selekman
Production: ProjectNo2
Media: GONK

We thank you :
General Directorate of State Theaters, Second Floor, Dilek Türker, Betül Arım, Dilek Güven, Dr. Hayat Oz, Merve Yildiz

Instagram: @ Projeno2 @Servicemen
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